Karaikudi - History

Karaikudi is located in Sivagangai district between Trichy Rameshwaram High road. It got its name because of the famous plant called "Karai" which is widely spread over this area. Earlier it was a small village in Ramanathapuram district. In 1928 it was changed from Panchayat to Muncipal. The people of Karaikudi played a major role during the India freedom struggle. The city was well facilitated with Railways and Roadways in 1930. The educational institutons developed to its peak in 1947, by Allagappar who is the founder of todays Alagappa University. The famous temple PillaiyarPatti is 12 km away from Karaikudi. The city is known for Sri Meenakshi-Sundareswarar temple, also known as Sivan Temple which was built during 1872. There is a temple here where there are 108 statues of Ganapathy. Sekkalai is located at north-east of Karaikudi, which was known as "Jain Kunda Puram" 50 years back. In North-west of Karaikudi is MutthuPattinam which is known for MuthuMariamman Temple. At the Central is Kallukatti where the famous temple Koppudaiaamman is located. The river Thennar flows through South Karaikudi. "Tamil Thai Kovil", " KambanManimandabam","Vallal Allagapar Statue"," Kavi Araser Kannadhasan Manimandabam and Statue" carries honour to Karaikudi.